WorldBizWatch is a team of storytellers from around the world. And we’re passionate about telling STORIES THAT STICK.

STORYTELLING is the oldest form of communication - with the power to inspire, influence and transform. If a Picture is worth 1000 words, then a Story is worth 1000 pictures.

Our team of storytellers comes from global media brands, including CNN, CNBC and the Wall Street Journal. 

And we serve diverse clients around the world  - from the private and public sector to broadcasters and media publishers.

 For media clients, we deliver made-to-order, world-class, award-winning content. We help broadcasters and media publishers entertain, educate and inform their audiences. We also work with media clients’ sponsors to customize content that reinforces their brand. 

 For public and private sector clients, we serve as their media production arm. We help package their stories in ways that engage their audience. And we can help distribute this content - whether by launching a media blitz or igniting a viral distribution campaign.

Beyond Media Production, we also TRAIN & COACH our clients in the Art of Personal Storytelling. We empower them to become Great Ambassadors for their Brand, their Cause & themselves. As the best Messengers for their Message, leaders can bring their ideas to life and move their audiences.


We work with broadcasters to give their audiences unique, premium quality programming, while also giving sponsors creative ways to build their brands. To see how global brand names are now producing their own shows to promote their brands, click here to see the story in Business Week, and here for a report in New York Times. 



 How powerful is Video? We remember 10% of what we read. But we remember 50% of what we see & hear. That's why our clients want to package their message into video format. One popular storytelling style is similar to the success stories that our team produced at CNN.

We also help our clients distribute their message with the right media strategy - from Traditional Advertising to Global Media Relations to Online Video Viral campaigns. 


*Who Watches Online Video?

*50-80% of internet  users (depending on age)

 *What You Get After Adding Video to Your Site?

*36% more clicks

*20% more inbound calls

*50% more time on site

*What People Do After Viewing Video?

*55% visit company’s website

*30% visit physical store

*24% purchase

*Source: Kelsey Group & Turnhere

See for yourself the benefits. Our production partners helped one global brand name produce 100+ videos in 40 countries around the world. Here’s the link:

To win free media, another partner -- thenewsmarket -- helps make our clients’ news releases and video b-roll available 24/7 to more than 25,000 news outlets in nearly 200 countries.

Of course, at the very least, organizations are distributing their videos in the simplest, most common ways - as DVDs in their sales kits, press kits and public events, as well as accessible from their own websites, as podcasts and other mobile platforms.

 So what’s your story? We’d love to help you tell it to the world. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know your goals. We’ll find a way to achieve your ends within your means.


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