Smart brands share their stories. We help them bring their stories to life - and help them cultivate their community.


WorldBizWatch is not just a Media Production company. Beyond producing great content on any and all platforms, we help our clients build and defend their brands. 


We’re a global team of award-winning journalists.  We’re led by Farland Chang: former CNN Anchor, NBC News Correspondent and Professor of Journalism.  And through our roots in journalism, we are passionate about storytelling. Indeed, our brains were built to grasp stories. And through stories, audiences learn more, remember more and engage more.


WorldBizWatch provides a full range of media strategy and production services. And our team helps clients turn vision to reality - from concept to completion, script to screen.


A picture paints a thousand words. 

A story is worth a thousand pictures.

And a moving picture can be worth millions of people.


Whether working with CNN, NBC, National Geographic or any of our Fortune 1000 clients, we help brands grow thorough the power of their stories. And because we think about content holistically, we maintain a video library for our clients. That means our team can keep building branded works in the future. 


Beyond Media Production, our Media Experts also provide Communication Training workshops. We empower leaders to become the the best Messengers for their Message, indeed the best Ambassadors for their Brand, their Cause and Themselves. Everyone loves a great story. And behind every great story, there’s an even better storyteller. 



Whatever your story or your platform, we can help you get out the right message to the right audience using the right approach.


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