Olympians in Pursuit of Perfection

*Chen Wang
Soaring High Jumper

*Liu Xiang - Favorite No More?
- China's Track Superstar

*Lee Hup Wei
Approach, Takeoff, Clearance

*Miss Versatility
Bridget Sloan

*Liu Xiang - The Reigning Gold Medalist - China's Track Superstar

*Chellsie Memmel
America's Sweetheart Returns

*Team USA
Women's Basketball

*Liu Xiang - Under too much Pressre? - China's Track Superstar

*David Sender
American Brains & Brawn

*Team China
Women's Basketball

*Liu Xiang - Grandmother's Pride & Joy - China's Track Superstar

*Brandon O'Neill
Canada's Future Gold

*Team Australia
Women's Basketball

*Lu Bin
China's Comeback Kid

*Fabian Hambuchen
Germany's Greatest Hope for Gold

*Team New Zealand
Women's Basketball

*Cheng Fei
China's Leading Lady

*Daria Joura
Australian Angel

*Li Xiaoping
China's Champion & America's Coach

*Jiang Yuyuan
China's Rising Star

*Makoto Okiguchi
Japan's Rising Star

*Yang Tae-Young
Korea's Hero & Team Leader

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