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*This is a true-to-life, docu-reality-series targeted for prime time. 13 one-hour segments, each a stand-alone episode shot in HD.

Women are no longer content to sit on the sidelines. They are taking to the racetrack in record numbers. And not only as race fans. These femme fatales are now competing against their male peers and breaking records at courses around the world on one of sports' biggest international stages.

Global brands, such as P&G, are riding the growing wave of interest in racing, fueled by women race car drivers, led by global pioneers such as Danica Patrick from the US, Milka Duno of Venezuela, Laleh Seddigh of Iran, Keiko Ihara of Japan, Katherine Legge of the UK and Jennifer Murray of South Africa.

Hairpin is right in the thick of all the action. Each episode is part travelogue, part in-depth character study. They tell the stories of stunningly courageous women, struggling against seemingly insurmountable odds, to triumph in the high-risk, male bastion of international auto racing. Watch as these champions gain international prominence, broaden the sport's appeal, stir up controversy and challenge the traditional gender roles that have held them back.

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